20 Things to Eat When You Want Sugar More Than Life Itself

If you have ever attempted a no sugar diet, you know that those first few days can be brutal. You start off making good decisions and thinking this quitting sugar detox will be a piece of cake…until that 3 PM slump hits and your cravings do too. What do you reach for instead of your favorite sugary snacks? I’ve compiled a list of 20 things to eat on a no sugar diet, when you feel like you want sugar more than life.

  1. Apples & Almond Butter: You may also opt for peanut butter if you choose an all natural brand that does not contain additional sugar.
  2. Eggs: Hard boiled is my favorite for snack time, but any way you choose to cook them, eggs pack in the protein to keep you satisfied for longer periods of time.
  3. Bananas: A great source of Vitamin B6 and Potassium, bananas can help you overcome the 3 o’clock slump.
  4. Nuts: Almonds are my go to snack, but pistachios, walnuts, and cashews also provide a healthy alternative to sugary sweets, as long as they aren’t candied nuts!
  5. Dried Fruits: Having these handy gives you the benefit of sweetness without the added sugar.
  6. Fruity Cottage Cheese: Fold chopped ripe nectarines or peaches into low-fat cottage cheese, and enjoy!
  7. Chocolaty Pears: Studies show when a person is craving sugar, they are lacking magnesium. Cacao Nibs are packed with magnesium and a natural sweet taste. Sprinkle on top of pears, and feel like you are cheating…even though you aren’t!
  8. Sweet Yogurt Dip: Stir agave nectar into fat-free Greek yogurt, and use it as a dip for your favorite fresh fruit.
  9. Fruit Kebabs: Spear your favorite fruits with bamboo skewers, and chunks of cheese between each slice of fruit.
  10. Grapefruit Brûlée: Transforms a simple grapefruit into something decadent. Halve it; drizzle each half with a little honey, and broil until bubbly.
  11. Dates: Especially in the first few days of your no sugar diet, this naturally sweet fruit makes the cravings bearable.
  12. Smoothies: Use your favorite fresh or frozen fruit, add some Greek yogurt and milk (I prefer Almond or Soy) and blend away!
  13. Homemade Popcorn: Pop it yourself in coconut oil and top with sea salt and butter for a taste that rivals movie theater popcorn!
  14. Fruit Crisp: Your quitting sugar detox doesn’t have to be miserable, and this treat is proof! Bake your fruit in the oven or microwave and mix with cinnamon, almond flour and nuts for the perfect unsweetened version of a classic!
  15. Frozen Cherries or Grapes: For an extra dose of sweetness dust them with cacao powder.
  16. Fruit Popsicle: These are easily made with some pureed watermelon and lime juice, or apples, pears, berries and a no sugar added apple juice.
  17. Warm Almond Milk: Craving hot chocolate? Warm up some almond milk and toss in a dash of cinnamon and Stevia.
  18. Frozen Yogurt: And no, I don’t mean the kind you buy at the store! Freeze bananas until they are solid, and then toss in a blender. The result? A custard-like soft serve that is not only delicious, but healthy!
  19. Oat Cakes & Hummus: Similar to rice cakes, but without any added sugar.
  20. Cinnamon Maple Bundt Cake: One of my favorites when trying to avoid sugar, but craving something sweet, this cake is even grain & dairy free! Get the recipe here.

And there you have it! 20 ways to make your quitting sugar detox a little easier! Best of luck on your journey to a healthier you!



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