25 Reasons to Kick Your Sugar Habit

I don’t know a single person out there who thinks sugar is good for them. In fact, the amounts of sugar ‘hidden’ in our foods is largely to blame for the obesity epidemic. Though it may go by a myriad of names including glucose, fructose, high fructose corn syrup, mat syrup, dextrose, and more- no matter what form it is in, it still does damage to our bodies. If you find yourself constantly craving sweets, and wondering how to stop eating sugar, here are 25 reasons for you to kick your sugar habit today!

  1. Cancer: Scientists have proven that sugar feeds cancer cells, and have connected sugar intake to breast, ovary, prostate, rectum, lung, gallbladder and stomach cancers.
  2. Gastrointestinal Problems: Sugar can interfere with the bodies ability to absorb protein and cause an intestinal problems ranging from mild indigestion and heartburn to more serious problems including an increased risk of Crohn’s disease, ulcers, and even food allergies.
  3. Diabetes: Sugar has also been connected to kidney disease and insulin resistance.
  4. Heart Disease: Cardiologists have found their patients who suffer heart attacks also have above normal glucose levels. Sugar is also connected with high blood pressure, inflammation and heart disease.
  5. Hypoglycemia & Fatigue: Those who consume large amounts of sugar have a higher fasting glucose level than those who don’t, which leads to hypoglycemia. These people tend to have worse ‘crashes’ when the sugar wears off.
  6. Aggressive Behavior: Children’s aggressive behavior has been directly linked to their level of sugar consumption. When the sugar crash hits and blood sugar levels fall, the brain is directly affected as it relies on glucose for fuel.
  7. Mineral Robber: Sugar messes with the bodies ability to absorb minerals needed for proper digestion, and maintaining a proper pH balance.
  8. Bone Loss: One of the minerals robbed in the digestion of sugar is calcium. With lower amounts of calcium being put toward vital body processes, your bones become weak and increase your risk for developing osteoporosis, breaks and fractures down the road.
  9. Weight Gain: That dream body you have been striving to achieve will not be achieved with large amounts of sugar intake. Craving sweets and giving into these cravings is the number one reason people gain weight.
  10. Low Energy: Craving sweets? Don’t give in! While you may experience the sugar rush, when it is over you are left feeling more tired, anxious and hungry than before your splurge.
  11. Unhealthy Skin: Skin cells become dehydrated with your consumption of sugar leaving you with unhealthy looking skin. When you learn how to stop eating sugar, you can look froward to less breakouts, and a more vibrant and healthy appearance.
  12. Tooth Decay: You have more than likely heard about the damaging effects sugar has on your smile. As any dentist will tell you, sugar consumption leads to an increase of plaque build up on the teeth and increases the risk for cavities, decay and gum disease.
  13. Brain Fog: When you decide to quit sugar for good you can look forward to increased cognitive abilities including mental clarity, ability to retain information and the ability to better cope with stress.
  14. Anxiety & Stress: While sugar is not directly related to these conditions, it can intensify your symptoms. High sugar diets are known to weaken the immune system and make it more difficult to cope with stress.
  15. ADD: Attention Deficit Disorder symptoms can be caused by an increased amount of sugar in the diet.
  16. Liver Damage: Large amounts of added sugar in the diet places more fructose in the liver than it can handle leading to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis.
  17. High Cholesterol: Sugar intake is directly related to a decrease in good cholesterol, and an increase in bad cholesterol.
  18. Yeast Infections: Sugar increases the growth of candida which leads to yeast infections.
  19. Premature Aging: Sugar damages elastin and collagen which help the skin stay supple and elastic. This leads to sagging, wrinkles, and clogged pores.
  20. Weakened Immune System: Makes your body unable to fight off diseases as it is intended.
  21. Hormonal Imbalance: Ladies especially can relate to this one as during the peak hormonal times craving sweets in a common occurrence. However, when you give in to these cravings you can also expect mood swings, personality changes and more.
  22. Asthma Aggravation: Sugar consumption has been observed to aggravate asthma, muster mental illness, nourish nervous disorders and increase your risk of hypertension.
  23. Sleeping Disorder: As previously discussed sugar intake robs the body of essential minerals needed for proper function. When the mineral balance is thrown off so is the bodies ability to fall into a deep, restful sleeping pattern which can lead to insomnia and other sleeping disorders.
  24. Arthritis: Sugar speeds the development of arthritis in joints.
  25. Gallstones: When the body is unable to handle the amounts of sugar placed in it, it can be deposited as gallstones. Anyone who has had these will tell you, the sweet treat is not worth the pain!

If you find yourself constantly craving sweets, but don’t want the damaging effects to happen in your body, learn how to stop eating sugar and learn more about Sugar Zen!


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