5 Ways Quitting Sugar Will Affect You Emotionally

We all know the negative affects that a high sugar diet has on our bodies, but that doesn’t seem to stop us from craving sweets. When learning how to stop eating sugar for good, it is also important to learn the positive affects that quitting will have on you emotionally. Here are the top five ways that a no sugar diet will improve your emotional state:

Your Mile-Long ‘To-do’ List No Longer Seems Impossible.

Want to be the person in the office with an abundance of energy when everyone else is suffering from the 3 o’clock slump? Quit sugar. By trading out the sweet stuff for meals full of protein, healthy fats and fibers, you will stay fuller longer, experience an increase of energy and be able to push through your day-checking things off your to-do list the whole day long. It will be rewarding to get through the day without needing a nap or a sweet pick me up.

Improved Memory.

Who doesn’t want to experience this? With all that we have going on between work, family life and a variety of kid’s activities, there is a lot to remember. When you quit sugar for good, you will also experience increased mental clarity, and have the ability to focus better on the task at hand. This is due to insulin levels that stay even throughout the day. When the body is not working overtime to convert sugary substances into usable energy sources or excrete them from the body, you will also get a better night’s rest. Restful, rejuvenating sleep has also been proven to improve a persons mental state.

More Money in Your Pocket.

While this one may not seem as obvious since the purchase of sweets is generally cheap, it’ the hidden costs of sugar that are not often considered. However, when you take into account the increased risk for cavities and the dental visits they bring and the other health risks that come from being addicted to sugar that lead you to extra visits to your family doctor, the costs of sugar can really add up! With the national obesity rates and diabetes on the rise, health insurance premiums have also risen considerably. Not to mention the additional money you will spend on a new wardrobe as your waistline increases, the gym membership, supplements and exercise equipment you give into to ‘get back into shape,’ only to find you don’t have the energy to use it. All of this money spent could be avoided if you simply learned how to stop eating sugar. Imagine the trips you could take, the savings you could build, or the dream home you could buy with all that additional money in your pocket! They say money can’t buy happiness, but neither can sugar.

Improved Overall Health.

When you put an end to craving sweets for good, you will be amazed at how much better you feel, but also how much easier it becomes to lose those extra ten pounds. Your immune system and digestive tracts will improve, your risk of liver or cardiovascular disease will decrease, and your kidney function will improve and decrease your risk for diabetes. Just from learning how to stop eating sugar, you will feel better and look better!

Slow Down the Aging Process.

So much money is put into the industry of anti-aging products, but did you know that sugar dehydrates your skin and causes it to age faster? A person who stops sugar will also be less likely to experience breakouts since sugary substances are known to clog the pores.

Knowing these benefits makes stopping your sugar addiction a little easier. While the journey may be rough in the beginning, you will be more energetic, have a better memory, more money in your pocket, feel better on the inside and look better on the outside! If those benefits don’t affect your emotional state, I don’t know what will!



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