6 Steps to Cutting Out Sugar During Holidays

Let’s face it: Sugar is in EVERYTHING. Whether it is in an obvious form, or hidden under strange names, the sugar content in most foods makes it almost impossible to quit craving sweets. the good news is that learning how to stop eating sugar doesn’t have to be as hard as some people make it. Here are six tips to help eliminate sugar from your diet during the holidays, or any other time of year.

Skip the Salad Dressing and Opt for Olive Oil & Vinegar

This simple step can take your salad from an unhealthy mess back to the healthy dish it was meant to be. Salad dressings are full of added sugars or even high fructose corn syrup which will wreak havoc on your sweet cravings. Also, beware of any dressings marked ‘low fat’ as they typically are higher in sugar content than others.

Stay Hydrated

This doesn’t mean from all of those sugar laden holiday drinks out there. Instead, aim to drink one full 8-oz glass of water every hour to not only ward off sweet cravings, but also aid in your digestive process and increase your metabolism.

Make Your Own Coffee or Tea

Not only is making your own drinks at home cheaper than a daily trip to Starbucks, but you also have control over the amounts of added sugar by choosing what to put in it. If a completely sugar free lifestyle is your goal, go easy on sugars and creamers and try drinking it black.

Pack a Protein Rich Snack

Whether you are simply running an errand or going to work, packing your own protein filled snacks will not only keep you fuller for longer periods of time, but will also keep you from grabbing for the candy bar around 3 pm when you feel the slump coming on.

Plan Meals that do Not Revolve Around Pasta, Bread & White Potatoes

These items are digested the same as glucose, and therefore have similar after affects of sugar. To control binge eating, avoid any meal with these items in them.

Take BBQ Sauce, Ketchup & Mustard Off Your Shopping List

Most condiments are sugar laden and will quickly derail you from your goal of becoming sugar free.

If you are craving sweets more than usual during the holiday season, following these tips to cut back will help control the amount of added sugar you eat. If you are ready for a fully supportive program to help you overcome your sugar addiction, Sugar-Zen can help. Each of the four levels is designed to help sugar addicts at different points on their journey to becoming sugar free. Learn more about the power of Sugar-Zen, here.

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