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Is Sugar-Zen Right for You?

THE REALITY OF A SUGAR ADDICTION All of us have habits – some healthy, some not so healthy. Habits make positive or negative impacts on our everyday lives. Every choice affects the next choice, particularly when it comes to food. Sugar cravings keep growing as you give into them. When dealing with a sugar addiction, […]

Do I Need the Sugar-Zen Capsules?

IS A SUGAR-FREE DIET RIGHT FOR YOU? Sugar is everywhere. We live in a society where sugar comes at us from every angle. From family gatherings to social events to work settings, sugar is all around us and easily accessible. But, too much sugar is difficult to both your physical and mental health. When addicted […]


QUITTING SUGAR IS HARD WORK Those sugar cravings are intense. They are more than you can handle at times. On a bad day, it’s easier to give in and eat that candy bar instead of remaining irritable and tired. Unfortunately, that candy bar high only lasts so long before you need another. Sugar addiction is […]

Set Your Sugar-Zen Goal

FOOD CRAVINGS THAT WON’T STOP Food and sugar are webbed into every aspect of our lives – socially, emotionally, and physically. At the end of the day, do you feel you have a healthy or dysfunctional relationship with food and sugar? Did that buffet table get the best of you? Did you go for a […]

How to Stop Eating Sugar: An Introduction to the R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Program with Sugar-Zen

NEED A SUGAR DETOX? Are you a sugar addict? Do you have constant sugar cravings that leave you sluggish and irritable until you find a candy bar? Wondering how to quit sugar for good? Sugar will control your life if you let it. Making diet changes is a difficult process that pushes you to your […]

R is for Recording

HOW CRAVING SUGAR CONSUMES YOU Being addicted to sugar takes over your mind and body. Without sugar, you feel moody, tired, and irritable. Eating a bag of candy only satisfies the immediate craving, but doesn’t stop the next one from coming. Craving sweets is an all-day, everyday problem for many people. BRING YOUR SUGAR ADDICTION […]

Enjoy Sugar

WHEN ADDICTED TO SUGAR Have you ever consumed an entire bag of candy without even realizing it? You ate it, but you practically don’t remember it. This is a clear indication of a sugar addiction. You consume sugar to satisfy your cravings without truly tasting or enjoying those sweets. ENJOY SUGAR Being addicted to sugar […]