My Sugar-Zen Story



What is your relationship with sugar? Have you tried quitting sugar before, but with little success? Is a sugar addiction controlling your life? Sugar takes a toll on your body in countless ways. From your physical and mental well-being to your self-esteem and personal development, sugar alters how you feel and act.

When stuck in a sugar addiction, it probably doesn’t feel like you have many choices. Your sugar cravings have you mindlessly eating a bag of candy. You are irritable and tired if you don’t eat an afternoon candy bar (or two). You simply don’t feel in control. But in all reality, you do have options. The Sugar-Zen program helps you gain control.


As many of you already know, excessive sugar intake has a significant impact on your mind and body. The Sugar-Zen program is based on the latest behavioral, psychological, and neurological research since all these aspects of your life are affected when eating sugar.

The program follows the acronym R.E.S.P.E.C.T. It teaches you how to track and observe your behaviors to identify how you react to sugar. Once you recognize how certain triggers make you feel, you discover you have the opportunity to choose your response. This program foundation guides you through your sugar detox journey.

The goal of the program is to permanently change your relationship with food and sugar. It teaches you how to develop habits that will stick long-term, not disappear at the next family birthday gathering or work BBQ. Many sugar addicts attempt a sugar detox but feel unsuccessful without the correct lifestyle changes in place.


The Sugar-Zen program is for those who feel they have a dysfunctional or toxic relationship with sugar. It’s for those that don’t like the way they feel around sugar. It’s for those who consider themselves addicted to sugar and have no control.

Sugar-Zen changes lives. Quitting sugar is difficult. Our program gives you support and guidance on your journey to a healthier and happier you. You will be a different person than before starting the program. Beat your sugar addiction. Be strong. Take control today.

“I Quit, Sugar.”

I quit sugar, quitting sugar detox


“I Quit, Sugar.”


Dear Sugar,

It pains me to say this, but I must break up with you. It’s time to quit because our relationship has become unhealthy. I turn to you for relief. Or when I’m sad. Or depressed. Or anxious. Or stressed. Heck, even when I’m bored. Sure, you’re intoxicating at first. Then I get sick of you. Just plain sick. And then I get sick without you. The initial intoxication becomes detoxifying. I go through withdrawals. So, I’m quitting, Sugar. Sure, I’ll feel listless, and my head will ache, at first. But I know that in the long run, it’s best. I think we can be friends. You know, meet for an occasional fresh fruit salad. Or frozen fruit dessert. But the constant cravings, the clandestine meetings, the painful regret…. I’m tired of all that. It simply has to stop. I know I’ll thank me later.

Most sincerely, most of the time,



Taking a new approach to an old habit.

Perhaps writing an “I Quit, Sugar” letter personifying sugar seems odd. I prefer to call it a “creative approach” to an old problem. In this case, quitting sugar. Detox can be tough. That’s also how I know I’ve been eating too much sugar. After quitting, there are physical symptoms. I get listless. I get headaches. I get cranky.


I started thinking differently before I quit sugar.

As Einstein is supposed to have said, insanity is when we do the same thing over and over and expect different results. Most therapists agree that a change in behavior requires a change in thinking. When just the behavior changes, the change seldom lasts. I might say, “I quit sugar,” and even do it for a time. But, after quitting sugar, detox symptoms set in. Then I give in, feel bad about myself, and try quitting—all over again. I become convinced it’s my lack of willpower. However, willpower is a limited resource for all of us. So the cycle continues: indulging, shaming, stopping, craving, indulging, shaming, stopping, craving, and so on.


Willpower vs. the mesolimbic pathway, metabolism, hormones, peptides and plenty more.

Upon quitting sugar, detox symptoms are unavoidable. In a later blog I’ll summarize the biological shenanigans that wreak havoc when we declare “I quit sugar” and try to do so. Even when combined with all the determination of Joan of Arc, defeat happens. Willpower needs reinforcements.

Rather than beating oneself up for “not trying hard enough” or being “weak,” kindness should be the golden rule. When quitting sugar, detox and all the rest can be handled with new strategies. So, start by thinking differently. Don’t be mad at yourself for “not trying hard enough.” Be proud of yourself for trying in the first place.


Sugar-Zen offers a proven daily online support program that includes these strategies for quitting sugar, detoxing and helping you stop sugar cravings with a stimulant free, all-natural supplement

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Laurie Campbell, M.S., received her Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling at UNLV, with an emphasis in addictions, and has been a volunteer counselor for years. She is a former drug, alcohol and nicotine addict with two decades of sobriety. She also deals with Bipolar II and PTSD. She considers herself to be “sugar-dependent,” a milder form of addiction, and tends to eat sweets when things aren’t going well (and, admittedly, sometimes when they’re going just fine).

4 Types of Sugar Addiction… and How You Can Overcome Them

The fact that an overabundance of sugar in the diet can lead to many health problems is hardly news to anyone. However, in his new book, ‘Beat Sugar Addiction, Now!’ Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum suggests sugar addiction is a sign of underlying health problems. He identifies four main types of sugar addiction defined by the health problems triggering them, and gives guidance for overcoming the problem. When you understand the four sugar addiction types and determine which one sounds the most like you, it may be easier to go through with a quitting sugar detox.

Thyroid Failure

Do you often find yourself stressed, tired and burdened with sweet cravings? Are your muscles tense and do you suffer from frequent headaches? These are all signs of an underactive thyroid.

The first step to solving this issue is to drink more water, and cut back on caffeinated beverages. Your body would also benefit from a no sugar diet, one that is lacking in processed foods and flooded with whole foods that not only take longer for the body to digest, but also keep blood sugar levels stable. After adjusting your diet, pay close attention to not only the amount of sleep you are getting, but the quality. Getting more sleep will optimize your energy levels and reduce your appetite making sugar cravings a thing of the past.

Yeast Infection

Is it seemingly impossible to get through your day without bread or some form of sugar? Do you regularly take an antibiotic or antacid? Both of these have a negative effect on the yeast build up in your body. While antibiotics kill the good bacteria, antacids neutralize stomach acid that should be taking care of the bad. Together, this triggers an over-population of yeast which feeds on sugar and causes cravings.

When you give into these cravings, the yeast continues to grow and puts you on the roller coaster of cravings and energy crashes throughout the day. These cravings become constant when you add in the stress-induced hormone cortisol which suppresses the immune system and allows yeast to run wild.

The best way to tackle a yeast infection is by switching to a no sugar diet, and include a probiotic supplement in your daily routine.

Adrenaline Overload

Commonly known as ‘Hanger,’ those who suffer from adrenaline overload are often irritable when they are hungry and feel stressed or faint when standing. Those falling under this category may also find themselves with frequent sore throats, thirst and trips to the bathroom. The adrenal glands sit around the kidneys and pump out stress hormones. When under constant pressure the glands become sluggish causing cravings for sugar for an energy boost.

To overcome the sluggish feeling, eat smaller protein-packed meals throughout the day to keep energy levels up and make it easier to undergo a quitting sugar detox.

Menopause of PMT

If you experience mood swings, low sex drive, irregular periods with insomnia, headaches, fatigue and hot flashes the week prior to your period, you could fall under this type of sugar addiction.

Whether you are going through menopause, perimenopause or PMT, when hormone levels drop women are more prone to insulin resistance. These changes intensify cravings for sweets since sugar releases the feel-good hormone serotonin.

By switching to a no sugar diet especially during these sensitive times, your body will be better able to produce prostaglandins-a substance known from improving mood. You may also wish to take Vitamin B6 which helps eliminate the deficiency of prostoglandins.

How to Quit Sugar During the Holidays

When undergoing a quitting sugar detox, any time of the year can prove to be a challenge, but during the holidays is even more so. If a no sugar diet is your goal, here are some solutions to help you achieve it.

Start in the Kitchen

While many of us have been taught that wasting food is bad, if that food is the source of addiction, throwing it out may not be such a bad thing. The first step to becoming sugar free is to clean your kitchen throwing out every sugary food it contains. Once the kitchen is free of temptation, don’t restock your supply. This makes giving into cravings more of a challenge, and will empower you to overcome them once and for all. When your friends and neighbors bring over their homemade goodies, tell them thank you and either regift them or throw them right in the trash without a second thought.

Breakfast Truly is THE Most Important Meal of the Day

But, not when it is full of sugary and carb filled choices. Learn to say no to the donuts, bagels and cereal (which should no longer be in your pantry if you started with a kitchen purge) and instead opt for a protein filled meal to keep you fuller for longer periods. Think breakfast smoothies containing fresh fruits, flax seed, and coconut milk or poached eggs and quinoa for a more savory option. Whatever you choose to fuel your morning, don’t let yourself get to the point of starving before eating, as really hungry people tend to make poorer food choices. Especially when celebrating the holidays, choose options that will fill your family through all the present opening, game playing and movie watching fun that your day may hold.

Add Probiotics to Your Daily Routine

Adding a high quality probiotic to your diet while going through a quitting sugar detox will help reduce inflammation caused by bad bacteria in your gut, and strengthens the immune system. Foods containing probiotics include saurkraut, kimchi, miso and other fermented foods or drinks. These can be helpful to eliminate sugar cravings for good, and can easily be added as side dishes at any holiday family gathering.

Skip the Holiday Drinks

Not only can calories from these specialties add up, so can the sugar content! Drink water to stay hydrated, increase your metabolism and improve your digestion.

While these tips alone will not completely eliminate your need for sugar during the holiday season, they will provide a good start on your path to a no sugar diet year round.


Stop Eating Sugar in 5 Days

By now the million reasons why you should quit sugar are nothing new. However, that doesn’t make the task of undergoing a quitting sugar detox any easier. The good news is that within a few days you can dramatically reduce your dependence on refined sugars by following our expert tips.

Day 1: Focus on incorporating high protein and high fiber foods

Foods that are rich in protein and or fiber will help you stay fuller for longer periods of time and reduce the urge to grab for that sugary snack. About 1/4 of your meal should consist of protein and healthy fats. A few ideas are eggs, hummus, olive oils, almonds, avacado and salmon.

Day 2: Eliminate bread, pasta & other refined carbs

Since these foods are converted into simple sugars when digested, they create the same roller coaster of crashes and spikes as a candy bar or glass of chocolate milk. To avoid taking your body on this ride, replace breads and pastas with green leafy veggies and other complex carbs which take longer to digest and keep you fuller for longer periods. Arugula and kale help during the quitting sugar detox phase.

Day 3: Drink water

By this point you already know that in order to be completely sugar free, you need to eliminate sugar filled beverages. These include fruit juices, energy drinks, all kinds of soda-especially diet, and any other sugary beverage of choice. Today is going to be focused on drinking water. Not only does water help you stay hydrated and reduce sugar cravings, it also helps flush excess amounts of sugar from the body and can lead to weight loss as well.

Day 4: Introduce sour foods

When attempting a no sugar diet, sour foods including sauerkraut, kimchi and fermented foods or drinks are your best friends. Not only do they eliminate cravings for sugar, but they also aid in digestion.

Day 5: Push Through the Withdrawal Symptoms

If you have not already experienced detox symptoms at this point– shakiness, headaches, brain fog among others–they may express themselves more on day 5. Continue following the advice for days 1-4 an push through. Sugar-Zen capsules also come in handy to help eliminate sugar cravings and continue successfully through your quitting sugar detox. The all-natural and food-based capsules are accompanied by a supportive pathway to help you break up with sugar for good.

While quitting sugar during the holidays may not be ideal for some, this is one mission you CAN accomplish!



No Sugar Diet at Halloween? Here’s How

If you have started your no sugar diet and are dreading Halloween and the temptations that come with it, we have good news for you: You can do it! Believe it or not, sticking to your no sugar diet at Halloween doesn’t have to be a challenge. Here are a few tips to get through it:

Don’t Pass Out Candy.

Not to say you will stiff your trick or treaters, but studies show that more and more homes are opting to hand out small toys, pencils, erasers, stickers, popcorn balls and other non candy treat items to those in costume. Not only does this benefit you from not having excess amounts of candy lying around, but also helps save the teeth of the trick or treaters in your neighborhood!

Eat Before Hitting the Party.

Whether you are going to an adult party or taking the kids out around the neighborhood to collect candy and treats, ensure you eat a full meal before leaving the house. Keep in mind that the more protein and healthy fats you pack in, the fuller you will be and the better able to say no to all the treats.

Trade Excessive Amounts of Candy to a Dentist Buy Back Program.

Most dentists offices will happily buy your child’s stash for a set amount per pound. The candy is then donated to different charitable organizations. Not only does this give your child a bit extra cash to pick out something they really want, but it also keeps the sweets out of your reach and reduces the temptation.

Forgiveness is Important.

If your quitting sugar detox proves to be too difficult during the season, forgive yourself and move on. Don’t give into the thought that one slip up means you can’t do it. Forgive yourself, start over with new resolve and move forward.

While a no sugar diet may be harder to maintain during Halloween and the subsequent holidays than any other season of the year, it is possible to stay on track and maintain your lifestyle.