Do I Need the Sugar-Zen Capsules?


Sugar is everywhere. We live in a society where sugar comes at us from every angle. From family gatherings to social events to work settings, sugar is all around us and easily accessible.

But, too much sugar is difficult to both your physical and mental health. When addicted to sugar, sugar cravings control your life. You end up giving into those urges to not feel so tired and moody. But unfortunately, your high doesn’t last for long. You crave more and more, all day long.


Do you have a sugar addiction and could benefit from a no-sugar diet? The Sugar-Zen program helps you take control of your relationship with sugar. It is designed to emotionally support you throughout your sugar-free diet journey.

Sugar-Zen capsules are an optional part of the program. After researching sugar addiction and reviewing medical studies, Sugar-Zen formulated a capsule that is a vegetarian, time-released way to curb sugar cravings. It suppresses appetite naturally without the use of drugs or stimulants.

In addition, the capsules are filled with certain food-based ingredients scientifically shown to reduce cravings if they are released at the right place in the intestines. This combo of nutrients delivered to the small intestine rather than the stomach has you eating less sugar in just a few days.


It’s not a secret that excess sugar is hard on your mind and body. Sugar addiction is a real condition. Typically the thought alone of starting a sugar-free diet is overwhelming. But there is a way – the Sugar-Zen way.

Don’t let the next sugar craving direct your actions. Cravings sweets can be a habit of the past as you begin a no-sugar diet. Take control of the way you interact with sugar. A healthy relationship with sugar is the beginning to a healthy life. The Sugar-Zen program is here for you

Why Do You Eat Sugar?


Sugar impacts every part of your body – literally every aspect of your well being. Sugar controls even the strongest of people. If you want to improve your overall health, taking a look at your relationship with sugar is a good place to start.


First, why do we eat sugar? The list is endless. It tastes yummy and satisfies that sweet tooth. You are bored, stressed, overwhelmed, or simply having a bad day. Sugar brings a sense of comfort and security amidst the chaos of life. Sweets are conveniently placed throughout every grocery store and highlighted in every restaurant menu. The ease and accessibility of sugar are too much to withstand.

Sugar bombards our life. It affects our emotions, physical health, self-esteem, and personal development. Learning how to stop sugar cravings is easy. Actually implementing the behaviors needed to change your relationship with sugar is the difficult part. You must become aware of your sugar cravings and recognize how you respond to them.

Consuming daily sugar might be how you get through each day. But it doesn’t have to be. If you see sugar as a toxic, dysfunctional component of your life, it’s time for a change. It’s time to break free and take a stand against your sugar addiction.


Do you feel you are a sugar addict? When deciding to cut out sweets and begin a sugar-free diet, understanding how sugar works within you is a key component to success. You need to know exactly how to combat your enemy.

The Sugar-Zen program helps you make changes that will stick long-term. The program teaches you how to stop sugar cravings while working up to a sugar-free diet. Choosing to start the program is your first step to freedom.



We’ve all heard time and time again that too much sugar is bad for you. We know that eating large amounts of sugar is detrimental to your physical and emotional well-being. Understanding how your body and mind reacts to sugar is an important part of picking a diet plan that’s right for you. Educating yourself on the benefits of a sugar-free diet helps you as you make food choices.


The pancreas produces the hormone insulin that regulates sugar levels in your bloodstream. Consuming excess sugar requires the pancreas to make more insulin. Ultimately, when constantly eating sugar, the pancreas is forced to work overtime as it tries to regulate your blood sugar.

Insulin is the fat storage hormone, which means eating excess sugar signals your body to prepare to store fat. Filling up on protein first is a good way to eat less sugar. Your pancreas can then take a rest as well. An overworked pancreas increases your chance of developing type 2 diabetes.

Having steady blood sugar levels particularly helps your mental health. Stable levels prevent mood swings and the craving cycle. When your blood sugar is spiking and then plummeting all the time, your mind is on a rollercoaster. Hence, a sugar-free diet improves more than just your physical body.


Are you wondering how to quit sugar? Educating yourself about sugar is a great first step. Knowledge is power. With the help of Sugar-Zen, your relationship with sugar will change as you learn about its impact on your overall health. If you feel you have lost control, don’t give up. Educate yourself on how to end those sugar cravings. Let Sugar-Zen help you overcome your sugar addiction.

When Do You Notice a Trigger in Your Sugar Addiction— What To Do?



Do you know what sparks your sugar cravings? When you get that impulse to eat the whole bag of candy, can you identify when and what triggered that urge? Beginning a sugar-free diet is not a simple task. One key component of taking control over your sugar addiction is being aware of the emotions you experience.


We react to the world around us. Those reactions are positive or negative depending on what stimulated us in the first place. Sometimes we even feel our responses are out of our control. After all, most of us have yelled out at one point, “You made me mad!”

There is a gap of time between what stimulates you and your response. That gap is the time when you can choose how you react. When you open that gap and begin to explore the freedom you have to choose your response, you are empowered. This also helps you identify what triggers certain emotions within you.

As you try to make sugar-free diet choices, do you know what creates that overbearing compulsion to eat five candy bars in one sitting? Do the words “no-sugar diet” make you panic and stress? As you explore that gap – the space of time when you make a choice – you discover what your body is feeling in that moment. This is when you start being accountable, take control, and then manipulate the outcome of events. You choose your reaction.


Realizing what triggers you to act a particular way is the first step to being accountable. You will be in control once you recognize and then utilize that gap of freedom. A no-sugar diet is possible when you determine how sugar makes you feel. The Sugar-Zen program gives you the tools you need to be in charge of your diet decisions. With the support of Sugar-Zen, you can beat your sugar addiction.

Curbing Sugar Cravings through Baking

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Curbing Sugar Cravings through Baking

I live under the assumption that, at the end of the day, there’s no problem baking can’t solve. Friend having a hard time? Cookies. Don’t know what to do for a special occasion? Cake. Your bananas going bad? Banana bread. It might seem like, on a sugar-free diet, baking would turn into more of a problem-causer than a problem-solver.


Baking on a Sugar-Free Diet

So, here’s another problem to be solved by the magic of baking: Trying to avoid sugar but can’t kick the cravings? The solution – try baking without sugar. This idea might sound like a pointless exercise in frustration and futility, but there are lots of ways to whip up all those treats you miss that will satisfy not only your desire to bake but your sugar cravings as well.


Sugar Substitutes

Baking with stevia can be kind of tricky. It’s a little off from the texture and sweetness of sugar (stevia is actually much sweeter) so you’ll have to find special recipes that adjust for the differences. Another solution is xylitol – it’s also all-natural. You can use it to just straight-up replace sugar in pretty much any recipe (the only exception being that it doesn’t caramelize), so that makes life a little easier.



My favorite way of baking without added sugar is using fruit. Something about it just feels healthier to me than sugar substitutes and kicks the sugar cravings just as well. Of course, if your sugar-free diet includes a ban on sugar in any form, this is not for you – fruit has natural sugar. If you’re not being quite so strict, bananas and applesauce are my go-to sugar substitutes. Ripe bananas have lots of natural sugar (and taste awesome), and mashed up you can use them to substitute for not only sugar but also oil, too. The same goes for applesauce, though you want to check and make sure that the applesauce you’re buying isn’t loaded full of added sugar. Either of these fruit options are easy substitutions – one cup of pureed banana or applesauce for one cup of sugar. Cut down on the moisture (oil or milk) in the rest of recipe, though – there is such a thing as too moist.

The moral of the story here is that a sugar-free diet doesn’t have to be miserable, it doesn’t even have to be all that different than normal life. You don’t have to be constantly dogged by sugar cravings, sullenly eating celery in the corner. Just a little applesauce can make all the difference.


How to stay on a sugar-free diet



By Kailee Robertson


Quitting sugar is hard – very hard. Sugar is easily accessible and very addictive. From the checkout line at the grocery store to vending machines in the workplace, sugary treats surround us in this fast-paced world. After all, a quick stop at your favorite drive-thru is convenient and fills your belly fast.  

Sugar comes in all shapes and sizes. Most of us eat sugar in our daily meals, drinks, and snacks. It surrounds us. Which adds to the difficulty when trying to quit. But at times, eating sugar is more than a matter of convenience. It simply tastes better and satisfies that sweet tooth in ways that a stick of celery can’t. It’s a battle between spending the time, money, and energy to eat a healthier diet versus eating what you want, when you want, how you want.




Sugar cravings increase the more sugar you eat. It’s a classic snowball effect. So how do you put an end to that sweet tooth? To stop craving sweets, you need to completely stop eating those sweets. Yes, this is not the only approach to removing sugar from your diet. A Google search of “how to stop sugar cravings” brings up all kinds of results, but it is one way that gives effective results.  

Stopping cold turkey is easier said than done though. The cravings will increase before they decrease. You will experience withdrawal symptoms such as aches, pains, mood swings, and restlessness. It then becomes more than just a physical commitment. You need to be mentally and emotionally prepared as well. And that’s the key – mind over matter.

You must be committed. When those cravings get tough, you have to be ready for them. Fight all your natural impulses and find a better alternative to sugar. Meditate. Start a new hobby. Exercise. Do anything to get your mind off those intense cravings.




There is no easy solution when it comes to how to stop sugar cravings. It requires hard work. But you can count on an amazing outcome. You will feel healthier, look different, and think more clearly. Your daily life will change for the better as you eliminate sugar from your diet.

So if you are searching for ideas on how to stop sugar cravings, you can find the power is yours with Sugar-Zen. You can! That checkout line or drive-thru won’t be your downfall. Your sweet tooth will no longer control your actions. Decide today to make the change.

A Sugar-Free Diet, And Why “Diet” Isn’t The Best Word

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A Sugar-Free Diet, And Why “Diet” Isn’t The Best Word


“I’m going on a diet.”
“I just blew my diet.”
“I have to start my diet again.”
“I’m swearing off sweets and starting a no-sugar diet.

When I say the word “diet,” I start to think of failure, restriction, suffering, failure, hunger pains, craving sweets, and failure. Did I mention failure?

We’re back to that word again. Failure. if you are early in your Sugar-zen journey, you may not necessarily be swearing off sweets yet. Just take notice of them. Try to “step outside yourself” a bit and observe. Do you tend to eat sweets when you’re depressed? Anxious? Happy? Sad? For dessert after every meal?

The “No-Sugar Diet” that’s not a diet at all.

Right now it’s best to continue working on changing the way we think about ourselves and a “sugar-free diet.” Rather than using the dreaded word “diet,” start thinking about a shift in eating habits to something that’s healthier. Some people continually fail when they try to “go cold turkey” with a no-sugar diet. Try starting with simply noticing when you’re absentmindedly reaching for some candy or a soda. Step one of a no-sugar diet may be as simple as grabbing something else to eat on those sugar-craving occasions. For some people, like me, it’s easier to cut out all of the white sugar at once rather than trying to do it gradually. I’m not good at “gradually.” I find that “cutting back” turns to “eating as many sweets as usual” and often on to “eating more sweets than usual.” You know yourself and what works best, or hasn’t worked. Try changing things up a bit.


What does a sugar-free diet mean to me?

Sugary sweets can be addictive and difficult to give up. One question I ask myself is… “Just how sugar-free should I be? Does a no-sugar diet really mean NO sugar, in any form?” Some foods are a no-brainer, like a candy bar or–my greatest vice, even after the holidays–holiday treats. But plenty of other foods, like fruits and dairy, contain natural sugar. Eating healthy doesn’t mean we have to swear off fruit and dairy.


Healthy eating can be your friend.

Healthy food is still healthy food, even if it comes with a bit of natural sugar. And, the fiber in fruit slows down the body’s digestion of sugar, and helps us feel full. Whereas the processed stuff floats right on through, loaded with empty, not-so-helpful calories. Remember, we aren’t calling this a “sugar-free diet.” We aren’t bracing for failure. We’re just going to eat better.

Follow This One Rule to Stop Sugar Cravings

If you had to pick one food group to incorporate more fully into your diet that would not only keep you fuller for longer periods, but also reduce sugar cravings, what would it be?

If you choose protein, you are probably already aware of the many benefits it has when learning how to quit sugar addictions. For those of you who chose a different food item, read on to learn how packing in the protein can be your ultimate weapon against sugar cravings.

Protein for Breakfast

Mornings are usually a pretty hectic time. Between getting up and getting ready for the day, getting the kids out the door for school, and packing lunches, breakfast can easily become an afterthought full of refined sugar and sweetened carbs. However, if you fight the urge to grab for the box of cereal and instead take the time to plan a protein rich breakfast, you will feel fuller and more energetic throughout the day and be less likely to binge on sugar filled snacks.

Studies show that eating a nutritious breakfast is linked to improved mineral intake, improved performance throughout your day, lower cholesterol levels and less risk of obesity. These studies also prove the old adage that breakfast is the most important meal of the day to be true.

Protein Throughout the Day

University of Missouri researchers found that when young women ate protein rich snacks they felt less hunger pains throughout the day and ate less at dinnertime. By not indulging in salty or sweet snacks throughout the day, and instead trading them for protein, your body is more likely to get the vitamins, nutrients and healthy fats it needs to ward off the sugar cravings. When dishing up your meals, the general rule is that 20-25% of your plate should be food that is rich in protein.

Protein Through the Ages

Living a sugar free diet is beneficial to persons of all ages. Bournemouth University conducted a study in 2016 that found many people of advanced age are not eating enough protein. Protein helps the body build and repair which means that a deficiency is particularly dangerous among the elderly, pregnant women, those with illnesses, and children.

Ironically, these are also the groups more likely to grab for sugar laden snacks. By incorporating protein sources into the diet, even people in these categories can improve their diet, and learn how to quit sugar addictions.

Stop Sugar Cravings in Their Tracks

If you are trying to get to a sugar free diet, adding protein is your ultimate weapon to beating the cravings, and learning how to quit the sugar addiction.


How to Quit Sugar Addiction for Good

Halloween is days away and with it the seemingly endless baskets of goodies and sweet treats. If your goal is to stick to a sugar free diet, this can seem like a hard time of year to do it, but the good news is it is possible! Follow these nine tips and break free from your sugar addiction and the endless array of health problems it leads to.

Skip the Processed Foods. Yes, Even the Halloween Candy.

Processed foods contain added sugars that are just as addictive as heroin or cocaine! When sugar is consumed, the chemical dopamine is released which gives the body a sense of pleasure. When the feeling wears off, we crave the substance again and the cycle continues.

Serotonin Helps You Achieve a Sugar Free Diet.

Serotonin reduces sugar cravings and can be increased with proper diet, sleep schedules and exercise.

Satisfy with Stevia.

this all-natural sweetener is 300 times sweeter than sugar without all the negative side effects.

Drink Up!

On water, that is. Sometimes when you think your body is craving sugar, it actually is feeling dehydrated. Staying properly hydrated will not only help you feel fuller for longer, but will reduce the frequency of sugar cravings.

Eat More Throughout the Day.

While this may seem counter intuitive to some, eating smaller, more frequent meals keeps your blood sugar from dipping and causing the 3pm slump. Ensure each meal contains adequate amounts of protein and healthy fats to keep you fuller for longer and even sleeping better.

Get Out Your Greens.

No, this is not golf advice. Getting plenty of greens in your diet reduces your cravings for sugar and processed foods while increasing your energy.

Seaweed Anyone?

While they may not sound like appetizing choices, seaweed and sea vegetables contain minerals your body needs to thrive, that are often robbed from the body when consuming excess amounts of added sugar.

Think Fermented.

The sour taste of a probiotic or kefir will help eliminate sugar cravings in as little as few days. When cravings hit, grab these foods or drinks!

Grab the Sugar-Zen.

Sugar-Zen is an all-natural food-based supplement that has helped thousands learn how to quit sugar addictions for good. The program provides a clear and supportive path to a sugar free lifestyle and helps you break free from addiction. The four levels of the process break down the process of quitting sugar for every type of sugar addict out there. From those who want to simply cut back on sugar to those who are restricting any foods that elevate their blood sugar, Sugar-Zen’s program has something for everyone.

Make this your year of a sugar free living by starting the journey today!

Addicted to Sugar: 8 Habits to Help You Break Free

The struggle to achieve a sugar free diet is real. While there are many approaches to how to quit your sugar addiction, one of the most recommended methods is not to go cold turkey, but instead gradually cut back until you no longer miss it. Though it is a controversial topic, some experts say this approach to becoming sugar free leads to more permanent change. If you are on the path to quitting sugar for good, here are 8 habits to help you break free.

Give Into Your Sweet Cravings–With Fruit

While it is not typically the first thing most people think of when craving sweets, fruit does contain natural sugars that may help you win the battle of the sweet tooth. The fructose contained in fruit is metabolized differently by the body than a handful of your favorite candies. Nutritionists do warn against over consuming fruits with higher sugar contents-like grapes or cherries-as it is possible to get too much of a good thing.

Don’t Fall for the Hype of Artificial Sweeteners

Just as a person addicted to smoking cigarettes wouldn’t kick the habit by switching to cigars, a sugar addict will not be successful by switching to artificial sweeteners. These ‘fake sugars’ are still delivering the sweet taste you love and not ridding you of the cravings. Studies show artificial sweeteners actually change your palate making you need more and more before feeling satisfied.

In fact, a 2013 study published in the Journal of Diabetes Care determined that consumption of artificial sweeteners can actually change the way the body metabolizes sugar. An animal study performed in 2008 found that rats who consumed artificial sweeteners ate more calories throughout the day and experienced rapid amounts of weight gain. The researchers discovered that consuming artificial sweeteners causes confusion between the stomach and the brain and sends a stimulus that the body is about to experience a high caloric intake. Both digestive and ingestive reflexes prepare for the intake, but when the false sweetness is not followed by the calories as expected, the entire system gets confuses and produces less energy.

Bottom line? Don’t confuse your body more by relying on artificial sweeteners to help during your sugar detox.

Deep Clean Your Home, Office, Purse & Car

No, we don’t mean hiring a cleaning company to do a full top to bottom clean of the home. Instead, remove any sugary temptations lying around in your home, your office drawers, your purse or your car. While it is impossible to control every environment you are in, controlling the ones you can prevents you from relying on willpower alone.

Don’t get us wrong-snacking is encouraged throughout the day, however trading the jumbo bag of gummy bears in your purse for sugar free dried fruit or the leftover Halloween candy in your desk for a bag of healthy popcorn will provide you with more energy and get you one step closer to the sugar free diet you desire.

Keep Your Magnesium Levels in Check

For those like me who crave chocolate constantly, the way to ward off the craving is by eating magnesium rich foods. These include dark, leafy greens, tofu, legumes and nuts.

Just Say NO to Fat Free

We all know that fat=flavor so when food manufacturers offer a fat free food item, they have to do something to add flavor back in. Most often, this is done by adding hidden sugars. Keeping your dressings and peanut butters full of fat will actually help increase your sense of satisfaction and help you move away from some of your other sugary favorites.

The Power of a Good Night’s Sleep

When most people think about how to quit a sugar addiction, sleep is not usually on the list of things to do. However, studies show that those who are sleep deprived have higher reward activation centers in the brain, thus making it harder to say no to sugary treats. Even those who exercise consistently and eat a balanced diet, if they are not sleeping well, will still be tempted by treats.

Remember Your ‘Why’

Whenever you attempt something new, there will be hard times. In your journey toward a sugar free diet, it is important to remember your reason for wanting to do it. Whether it is to improve your overall health, set an example for your kids and family, or just have more energy- remembering why you started this journey will help get through the harder days.