Enjoy Sugar


Have you ever consumed an entire bag of candy without even realizing it? You ate it, but you practically don’t remember it. This is a clear indication of a sugar addiction. You consume sugar to satisfy your cravings without truly tasting or enjoying those sweets.


Being addicted to sugar is hard. You can’t stop thinking about the next donut or chocolate bar. Overcoming a sugar addiction doesn’t mean you need to quit sugar entirely. Rather enjoy sugar instead of beating yourself up about it. While this may seem odd, the act of enjoying sugar can change your relationship with it. You need to take the time to taste each bite and soak in what you are eating. When doing so, you are mindful and aware of your sugar intake. In turn, those first few bites will be enough to curb your craving.

As you begin to be consciously present while eating sweets, your mind will register what is happening. You will then have the choice to stop before the whole bag of candy is gone. You take control, and you decide the outcome. Taste every bite.

But if you find yourself once again mindlessly eating sugar, forgive yourself. Shame will not change your habits long-term, being mindful will. Focus on the next chance and move forward. Don’t get stuck on how you once were, but how you can and will be in the future.


Do you feel addicted to sugar? You eat to satisfy those intense cravings, but you only stay content for so long. The Sugar-Zen program encourages you to enjoy sugar during the next craving and see what happens. Rather than battle against those sweets, actually eat them and love them. Sugar-Zen helps you create a new, healthy relationship with sugar.

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