Follow This One Rule to Stop Sugar Cravings

If you had to pick one food group to incorporate more fully into your diet that would not only keep you fuller for longer periods, but also reduce sugar cravings, what would it be?

If you choose protein, you are probably already aware of the many benefits it has when learning how to quit sugar addictions. For those of you who chose a different food item, read on to learn how packing in the protein can be your ultimate weapon against sugar cravings.

Protein for Breakfast

Mornings are usually a pretty hectic time. Between getting up and getting ready for the day, getting the kids out the door for school, and packing lunches, breakfast can easily become an afterthought full of refined sugar and sweetened carbs. However, if you fight the urge to grab for the box of cereal and instead take the time to plan a protein rich breakfast, you will feel fuller and more energetic throughout the day and be less likely to binge on sugar filled snacks.

Studies show that eating a nutritious breakfast is linked to improved mineral intake, improved performance throughout your day, lower cholesterol levels and less risk of obesity. These studies also prove the old adage that breakfast is the most important meal of the day to be true.

Protein Throughout the Day

University of Missouri researchers found that when young women ate protein rich snacks they felt less hunger pains throughout the day and ate less at dinnertime. By not indulging in salty or sweet snacks throughout the day, and instead trading them for protein, your body is more likely to get the vitamins, nutrients and healthy fats it needs to ward off the sugar cravings. When dishing up your meals, the general rule is that 20-25% of your plate should be food that is rich in protein.

Protein Through the Ages

Living a sugar free diet is beneficial to persons of all ages. Bournemouth University conducted a study in 2016 that found many people of advanced age are not eating enough protein. Protein helps the body build and repair which means that a deficiency is particularly dangerous among the elderly, pregnant women, those with illnesses, and children.

Ironically, these are also the groups more likely to grab for sugar laden snacks. By incorporating protein sources into the diet, even people in these categories can improve their diet, and learn how to quit sugar addictions.

Stop Sugar Cravings in Their Tracks

If you are trying to get to a sugar free diet, adding protein is your ultimate weapon to beating the cravings, and learning how to quit the sugar addiction.


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