Former Sugar Addicts Share Best Secrets for Kicking the Habit

Do your sugar cravings seem to be even more out of control during the holidays? If every corner you turn you are fighting the battle to stay strong on your I quit sugar resolve, but are continuously tempted, let us help. A few former sugar addicts have gathered together their best tips for kicking the sugar habit to the curb-no matter what time of the year you try.

Just DO It!

No, we are not stealing the famous Nike slogan here. Our advice is to stop putting off til tomorrow what can be done today. The longer you wait to quit your sugar addiction, the less likely it is to actually happen. There is always another excuse, or another holiday or event right around the corner, but there are other ways to celebrate than with sugary foods. Start today!

Become a Label Reading Expert

Knowing the many names sugar is snuck into your food is the first step, and reading labels like a detective is next. Whether you have a coupon for a brand you have never used or a friend raves to you about an amazing new sauce you must try, read the labels first. Without checking for hidden or added sugar content, you will never be able to fully say I quit sugar.

Beware of the Inner Aisles

When planning your grocery shopping trip, plan to spend your time around the perimeter of the store. The inner aisles are typically where sugar laden, prepackaged and over processed foods are stored. If you avoid them completely, chances of putting something with added sugar in your cart are slim.

Give Yourself Two Weeks

Sugar cravings will be drastically reduced, if not completely eliminated by simply going for two weeks without sugar. These two weeks will be hard as you go through withdrawal symptoms which may include irritability, mood swings, headaches, and even shakes. But, don’t let yourself cheat no matter how hard it gets!

Practice Therapeutic Journaling or Mindfulness

Whether you write all your feelings in an I quit sugar journal, or become more aware of the thoughts and feelings you have toward sugary treats, both of these techniques have been used to help people overcome sugar addictions.

Make a Meal Plan-and STICK to it!

Before heading out the grocery store, make a plan of what you will eat at every meal for this two week period. Write down only ingredients needed to make those meals on your list and purchase only what is on your list. Having your plan in hand will help you to be strong when surrounded by your old favorite temptations.

By following these tips, you too will be able to overcome your sugar cravings and be well on your way to living a sugar free lifestyle.


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