How Much Truth is Behind Research Funded by the Sugar Industry?

If you are one of the many people who is constantly faced with sugar cravings, recent discoveries may give you the final push you need to break up with sugar for good.

A report released earlier this month detailed the involvement of the sugar industry in funding research which would downplay its affect on a persons health. While this is not a new practice among the food industry, the documents found are nearly 50 years old, and prove how the sugar industry has been producing research which diminishes the effects sugar has on heart disease for decades.

The documents go back to the 1960’s and show how even then the sugar industry was trying to fight public opinion that sugar had a large effect on heart disease. To downplay this opinion, scientists were paid by the Sugar Research Foundation (now known as the Sugar Association) to push fat as the main culprit of heart disease. A review of these newly found documents shows a 1967 study where Harvard scientists were paid the equivalent of $50,000 each in today’s dollars to blame cardiovascular disease on saturated fats while downplaying the effects of sugar. Not only did the Sugar Research Foundation fund this study, they also reviewed the results before allowing the study to be published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

While reviewing this study, Marion Nestle, a public health professor at New York University commented about the influence food industries have over influential research. “The documents leave little doubt that the intent of the industry-funded review was to reach a foregone conclusion,” writes Nestle. “The investigators knew what the funders expected, and produced it.”

Nestle also drew the conclusion that these practices of funding research to push a food industry’s agenda are far from ancient history. These practices continue to happen today. In the last several decades, the link between fat and heart disease has been an oft studied topic, but a 2010 study found there is no link between the two. The role of sugar, on the other hand, is still being debated.

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