How to Break Sugar Addiction with Journaling

Halloween and other holidays are right around the corner, and with them come out of control sugar cravings. If it seems that everywhere you turn there is another sugar-laden treat waiting to tempt you into eating it, therapeutic journaling may be for you.

What Does Journaling Have to Do With My Sugar Cravings?

Much like new dieters find comfort in keeping a food diary, those determined to join the ‘I quit sugar’ club can benefit from keeping a therapeutic journal. You don’t have to be a professional writer–or even like writing- to find release in this type of journaling either. Here are five tips to be successful with your I quit sugar journal:

  • Remember this is not English class: What you write in the journal is completely up to you. No need for proper grammar, sentence structure or even spelling. Write whatever comes to mind, the trick is just to write.
  • Don’t be PC: These days we almost have to walk on eggshells so we don’t say something that someone else finds offensive. In a journal–there is no need for that! Writer about your true passions, things you hate and fear without worrying about what other people think. This journal is for your eyes only and should be a reflection of your true self.
  • Write about your ideal day: Think of how the perfect day would go from the moment you wake up to the moment you go back to bed. Include things like how you would spend your time, who you would be with, what you would be feeling. Don’t include the stress of everyday life, just perfection.
  • Write a letter of forgiveness to yourself: If you have struggled with sugar cravings for some time, you may struggle with guilt or shame. Remember that sugar addiction is not a character flaw, and you can forgive yourself and move on.
  • No rules about the frequency you write: If it feels natural to write everyday-go for it! If you feel like once a week is enough-do it! This is a means for you to overcome difficulties with no rules attached.

4 Benefits of Keeping an I Quit Sugar Journal

If sugar is your crutch when you feel stressed or overwhelmed, keeping a journal can be beneficial. Look for these four outcomes from your journaling experience:

  • Stress Relieving: Writing in a journal allows you to explore your true feelings and reflect on situations so you can get a better handle on them. Letting go of negative emotions is a great way to release and unwind, and keeps you from indulging your sugar cravings.
  • Set & Achieve Goals: There is an old saying ‘a goal not written is just a dream.’ Writing your goals for becoming sugar free not only helps you be accountable, but gives you more to celebrate when you achieve them!
  • Practice Mindfulness: Being mindful is more than just a buzzword, but allows you to get to the bottom of your sugar addiction and be more careful in situations that cause you to indulge.
  • Discipline: While journaling may not be for everyone, it does take a certain amount of discipline–as does overcoming your sugar cravings. Establishing he habit of journaling may help you become more disciplined in other areas of your life as well.
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