How to Give up Sugar for Good

Anyone with serious sugar cravings knows that giving up sugar for good may seem impossible. However, with the use of Sugar-Zen, you can be on your way to saying I quit sugar for good!

What is Sugar-Zen?

In the battle against sugar addiction, Sugar-Zen may very well become your best friend. Our capsules are all natural and food based and are proven to aid in the reduction of sugar cravings. Our program consists of four levels which, as you progress, will provide you with the support you need to end your sugar addiction forever.

 How Does Sugar-Zen work?

While some people don’t consider themselves as addicted to sugar, they still can’t seem to break up with the stick substance. Sugar-Zen helps you get in control of your sugar cravings by providing naturally derived nutrients delivered directly to the small intestine rather than the stomach. This method is consistent with scientific research performed over the past two decades and helps you put an end to the sugar cycle.

Sugar-Zen System and Levels

Sugar-Zen developed our program to help people at all levels of sugar addiction. Whether you live a vegan or Paleo lifestyle and are trying to cut out all starches, or at the opposite end of the spectrum and just trying to consumer less sugar on a daily basis, Sugar-Zen will work for you. We recommend starting at level one and staying in each level for at least two weeks as you progress through the program. This ensures long-term success. Here is a break down of the four levels of our program:

Level 1: This level helps those looking to be more in control of their sugar cravings and just beginning the journey toward quitting sugar for good. Learn how to be more mindful of the sugar in your foods and pay attention to what is going in your mouth and in your shopping cart.

Level 2: This level teaches you about natural sources of sugar and limiting your sugar intake to those sources. these include honey, agave, maple syrup, and more.

Level 3: Learn how to focus on whole foods. During this level your only sugar intake will be that found in whole foods including fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Level 4: The final level of becoming sugar free for good teaches our members to restrict foods that raise insulin levels. When you do this, you will experience the increase of energy and other health benefits discussed in our emotional benefits of quitting sugar blog.

Will Sugar-Zen Help You?

By getting your own sugar cravings under control, you will also be able to teach your family about the importance of a low or no sugar diet. Think of the impact this decision to break up with sugar could have on future generations! To begin breaking free from sugar with Sugar-Zen, learn more here.



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