How to Quit Sugar Addiction for Good

Halloween is days away and with it the seemingly endless baskets of goodies and sweet treats. If your goal is to stick to a sugar free diet, this can seem like a hard time of year to do it, but the good news is it is possible! Follow these nine tips and break free from your sugar addiction and the endless array of health problems it leads to.

Skip the Processed Foods. Yes, Even the Halloween Candy.

Processed foods contain added sugars that are just as addictive as heroin or cocaine! When sugar is consumed, the chemical dopamine is released which gives the body a sense of pleasure. When the feeling wears off, we crave the substance again and the cycle continues.

Serotonin Helps You Achieve a Sugar Free Diet.

Serotonin reduces sugar cravings and can be increased with proper diet, sleep schedules and exercise.

Satisfy with Stevia.

this all-natural sweetener is 300 times sweeter than sugar without all the negative side effects.

Drink Up!

On water, that is. Sometimes when you think your body is craving sugar, it actually is feeling dehydrated. Staying properly hydrated will not only help you feel fuller for longer, but will reduce the frequency of sugar cravings.

Eat More Throughout the Day.

While this may seem counter intuitive to some, eating smaller, more frequent meals keeps your blood sugar from dipping and causing the 3pm slump. Ensure each meal contains adequate amounts of protein and healthy fats to keep you fuller for longer and even sleeping better.

Get Out Your Greens.

No, this is not golf advice. Getting plenty of greens in your diet reduces your cravings for sugar and processed foods while increasing your energy.

Seaweed Anyone?

While they may not sound like appetizing choices, seaweed and sea vegetables contain minerals your body needs to thrive, that are often robbed from the body when consuming excess amounts of added sugar.

Think Fermented.

The sour taste of a probiotic or kefir will help eliminate sugar cravings in as little as few days. When cravings hit, grab these foods or drinks!

Grab the Sugar-Zen.

Sugar-Zen is an all-natural food-based supplement that has helped thousands learn how to quit sugar addictions for good. The program provides a clear and supportive path to a sugar free lifestyle and helps you break free from addiction. The four levels of the process break down the process of quitting sugar for every type of sugar addict out there. From those who want to simply cut back on sugar to those who are restricting any foods that elevate their blood sugar, Sugar-Zen’s program has something for everyone.

Make this your year of a sugar free living by starting the journey today!

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