How to Quit Sugar Addiction Tips And Tricks

How to quit sugar addiction


How to Quit Sugar Addiction Tips And Tricks

By Catherine Michalk

Have you ever tried to stop eating sugar? Despite all your willpower, it can be incredibly difficult. As a mom of three kids under 5, I know this struggle all too well as I try to show good eating habits to my children. Learning how to quit sugar addiction is always easier said than done, though. It seems like just when I decide I’m going to eat healthier, my children will bring home candy from school or grandma’s house and I will think, one little fun-sized candy bar won’t hurt anything! It’s that one little decision sends me down a slippery slope.


The Science Behind Sugar Addiction

Unfortunately, sugar addiction is a real thing, much like a drug or alcohol addiction. Research shows that when rats are given a sugar solution as part of their daily diet, they exhibit behaviors similar to drug and alcohol abuse. ( Sugar can change the chemicals in our brains; when we don’t have it, we crave it and can experience withdrawals. When we finally have sugar again, we tend to binge on it. That is what makes quitting your sugar addiction so difficult!


Tips and Tricks for Quitting Sugar Addiction


If you are struggling, like I was, wondering how to quit sugar addiction here are some helpful tips:

  1. Eat unprocessed foods: Sugar is hiding in almost all processed foods, so stick to fresh vegetables, meat, and dairy. And when your sweet tooth rears its ugly head, you can reach for fresh, in-season fruit to satisfy it.
  2. Try sparkling water instead of soda: A glass of sparkling water with a little lemon or lime can really hit the spot when you’re craving soda.
  3. Make a plan, keep healthy foods around: Having a plan for your meals and snacks makes you less likely to just grab something unhealthy on the go.

Learning how to quit sugar addiction is no easy task on your own. With so many temptations constantly surrounding us, it quickly becomes an uphill battle, but it isn’t impossible. Follow these tips and try to get a friend to help keep you accountable. A program like Sugar-Zen is especially helpful if you’re looking for an all-natural boost to your efforts. And remember, even when you slip up, keep trying! You CAN quit sugar addiction!

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