How to Quit Sugar During the Holidays

When undergoing a quitting sugar detox, any time of the year can prove to be a challenge, but during the holidays is even more so. If a no sugar diet is your goal, here are some solutions to help you achieve it.

Start in the Kitchen

While many of us have been taught that wasting food is bad, if that food is the source of addiction, throwing it out may not be such a bad thing. The first step to becoming sugar free is to clean your kitchen throwing out every sugary food it contains. Once the kitchen is free of temptation, don’t restock your supply. This makes giving into cravings more of a challenge, and will empower you to overcome them once and for all. When your friends and neighbors bring over their homemade goodies, tell them thank you and either regift them or throw them right in the trash without a second thought.

Breakfast Truly is THE Most Important Meal of the Day

But, not when it is full of sugary and carb filled choices. Learn to say no to the donuts, bagels and cereal (which should no longer be in your pantry if you started with a kitchen purge) and instead opt for a protein filled meal to keep you fuller for longer periods. Think breakfast smoothies containing fresh fruits, flax seed, and coconut milk or poached eggs and quinoa for a more savory option. Whatever you choose to fuel your morning, don’t let yourself get to the point of starving before eating, as really hungry people tend to make poorer food choices. Especially when celebrating the holidays, choose options that will fill your family through all the present opening, game playing and movie watching fun that your day may hold.

Add Probiotics to Your Daily Routine

Adding a high quality probiotic to your diet while going through a quitting sugar detox will help reduce inflammation caused by bad bacteria in your gut, and strengthens the immune system. Foods containing probiotics include saurkraut, kimchi, miso and other fermented foods or drinks. These can be helpful to eliminate sugar cravings for good, and can easily be added as side dishes at any holiday family gathering.

Skip the Holiday Drinks

Not only can calories from these specialties add up, so can the sugar content! Drink water to stay hydrated, increase your metabolism and improve your digestion.

While these tips alone will not completely eliminate your need for sugar during the holiday season, they will provide a good start on your path to a no sugar diet year round.


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