No Sugar Diet at Halloween? Here’s How

If you have started your no sugar diet and are dreading Halloween and the temptations that come with it, we have good news for you: You can do it! Believe it or not, sticking to your no sugar diet at Halloween doesn’t have to be a challenge. Here are a few tips to get through it:

Don’t Pass Out Candy.

Not to say you will stiff your trick or treaters, but studies show that more and more homes are opting to hand out small toys, pencils, erasers, stickers, popcorn balls and other non candy treat items to those in costume. Not only does this benefit you from not having excess amounts of candy lying around, but also helps save the teeth of the trick or treaters in your neighborhood!

Eat Before Hitting the Party.

Whether you are going to an adult party or taking the kids out around the neighborhood to collect candy and treats, ensure you eat a full meal before leaving the house. Keep in mind that the more protein and healthy fats you pack in, the fuller you will be and the better able to say no to all the treats.

Trade Excessive Amounts of Candy to a Dentist Buy Back Program.

Most dentists offices will happily buy your child’s stash for a set amount per pound. The candy is then donated to different charitable organizations. Not only does this give your child a bit extra cash to pick out something they really want, but it also keeps the sweets out of your reach and reduces the temptation.

Forgiveness is Important.

If your quitting sugar detox proves to be too difficult during the season, forgive yourself and move on. Don’t give into the thought that one slip up means you can’t do it. Forgive yourself, start over with new resolve and move forward.

While a no sugar diet may be harder to maintain during Halloween and the subsequent holidays than any other season of the year, it is possible to stay on track and maintain your lifestyle.



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