Quit Sugar The Natural Way

We all know that excessive amounts of sugar are not good for the body, but learning how to stop eating sugar when the body is craving sweets is a tough challenge to overcome. Here are our best tips to stop eating sugar and beat your sweet cravings the natural way.

Avoid or Eliminate Processed Foods

Whether its refined sugar or artificial sugar substitutes, processed and prepackaged foods contain high amounts of sugar which has been shown to increase your cravings for sweets further. Staying away from aisles containing these foods during your grocery shopping trips is the first step to overcoming cravings naturally.

Drink Water

Oftentimes even hardcore athletes mistake thirst for hunger cravings and grab for something sweet. The next time you are craving sugar, grab a full glass of water before eating anything. Not only will it help you feel fuller, but the better hydrated your body is the more likely it is that your cravings for sweets will be reduced or eliminated.

Eliminate Emotional Eating

Most people are guilty of sitting on the couch, binge watching the latest series to hit Netflix while eating their favorite snack. Or, simply grabbing something sugary because they are stressed, bored, tired, anxious, in a bad mood, or some other emotion. Instead of eating your feelings, the trick is to think before stuffing your face. Ask yourself if you are eating an emotion, or because you are truly hungry, and if the answer is in fact due to hunger, grab for a protein packed snack to fill you up without the nasty side effects of sugar.


While it has been hotly contested lately if exercise makes you more hungry, it has also been proven that taking a walk, run, yoga class, or other form of exercise will increase endorphins and make a person happier. The effects of exercise do not come with a sugar crash a few hours later.

Pack in Your Minerals

When a person is deficient of trace minerals including magnesium, chromium, vanadium, and zinc, their glucose levels are often thrown out of balance causing cravings for sweets to be more intense. Incorporating more leafy green vegetables, meats, cheeses and whole grains into your diet will help your body receive the minerals it needs while decreasing cravings for sweets.

By following these five tips, you will be able to put the days of craving sweets behind you, and wean yourself off sugar with a natural approach. For more help with quitting sugar in a natural way, learn more about Sugar-Zen, our all-natural, food-based capsules that help kick sugar cravings to the curb-for good.

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