Stop Eating Sugar in 5 Days

By now the million reasons why you should quit sugar are nothing new. However, that doesn’t make the task of undergoing a quitting sugar detox any easier. The good news is that within a few days you can dramatically reduce your dependence on refined sugars by following our expert tips.

Day 1: Focus on incorporating high protein and high fiber foods

Foods that are rich in protein and or fiber will help you stay fuller for longer periods of time and reduce the urge to grab for that sugary snack. About 1/4 of your meal should consist of protein and healthy fats. A few ideas are eggs, hummus, olive oils, almonds, avacado and salmon.

Day 2: Eliminate bread, pasta & other refined carbs

Since these foods are converted into simple sugars when digested, they create the same roller coaster of crashes and spikes as a candy bar or glass of chocolate milk. To avoid taking your body on this ride, replace breads and pastas with green leafy veggies and other complex carbs which take longer to digest and keep you fuller for longer periods. Arugula and kale help during the quitting sugar detox phase.

Day 3: Drink water

By this point you already know that in order to be completely sugar free, you need to eliminate sugar filled beverages. These include fruit juices, energy drinks, all kinds of soda-especially diet, and any other sugary beverage of choice. Today is going to be focused on drinking water. Not only does water help you stay hydrated and reduce sugar cravings, it also helps flush excess amounts of sugar from the body and can lead to weight loss as well.

Day 4: Introduce sour foods

When attempting a no sugar diet, sour foods including sauerkraut, kimchi and fermented foods or drinks are your best friends. Not only do they eliminate cravings for sugar, but they also aid in digestion.

Day 5: Push Through the Withdrawal Symptoms

If you have not already experienced detox symptoms at this point– shakiness, headaches, brain fog among others–they may express themselves more on day 5. Continue following the advice for days 1-4 an push through. Sugar-Zen capsules also come in handy to help eliminate sugar cravings and continue successfully through your quitting sugar detox. The all-natural and food-based capsules are accompanied by a supportive pathway to help you break up with sugar for good.

While quitting sugar during the holidays may not be ideal for some, this is one mission you CAN accomplish!



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