Stop Your Sugar Cravings in 7 Days

Has your dependence on sugar gotten to the point where you know it needs to end, but are not sure how to make that happen? Or, that without some type of ninja sugar assassins, it is not even possible to live on a sugar free diet?

The bad news is we don’t have any ninja sugar assassins, but the good news is, learning how to quit your sugar addiction may be easier than you think. In just 7 days, you can completely eliminate your sugar cravings by following these daily steps.

Day 1:

Consume foods that are known for their ability to reduce sugar cravings. This includes foods that are high in protein, fat & fiber. A few options include eggs, nuts, avocados, hummus, salmon, and chicken cooked in olive oil as these are known for keeping you fuller for longer periods of time.

Day 2:

Building on what you ate in day one, substitute breads, pastas and refined carbohydrates with green, leafy vegetables. Unlike breads and other refined carbohydrates that quickly convert to sugar, veggies are complex carbs which take longer to digest, and also keep you fuller for longer periods. While going through a sugar detox, the best options are arugula and kale.

Day 3:

Incorporate sour foods into your diet. These foods knock out sugar cravings, and in the case of fermented foods and drinks, can even train your taste buds to not be so dependent on the sweet flavors. Fermented foods include yogurt, and miso.

Day 4:

This one may seem contradictory when learning how to quit a sugar addiction, but this day allows you to incorporate some pure dark chocolate into the diet as well. Dark chocolate contains a higher percentage of cacao and releases endorphins without spiking your sugar levels. Dark chocolate (in moderation) will not leave you feeling the afternoon slump.

Day 5:

Drink only water. Cutting out soda, juices and other sugary drinks from the diet cuts out more sugar than one might realize. Water helps flush the body of excess sugars and reduces cravings. When the cravings hit, go straight for a big glass of water instead of the sweet snacks.

Day 6:

Today the goal is to focus on substituting added sugar with natural sugars found in fruits. Continue with the habits you have built throughout the week, and focus on one meal at a time. Instead of having a sweet dessert for dinner, enjoy a naturally sweet fruit salad.

Day 7:

A sugar free diet is not as hard as it may seem when you have Sugar-Zen on your side. No matter the approach you take to quitting your sugar addiction, Sugar-Zen helps reduce cravings for both sugar and carbs. Our system breaks down your sugar detox into four levels to take you from being mindful of the amounts of sugar you are consuming to restricting any foods that may elevate the blood sugar.

Though the path to a sugar free diet may be rocky, but is not impossible. Learn more about how Sugar-Zen can help you achieve your sugar free goals here.






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