Those sugar cravings are intense. They are more than you can handle at times. On a bad day, it’s easier to give in and eat that candy bar instead of remaining irritable and tired. Unfortunately, that candy bar high only lasts so long before you need another. Sugar addiction is a real condition that affects the daily lives of people everywhere.


If you are ready to take control and not be a slave to sugar, then you need to set boundaries for yourself. When quitting sugar, a way to accomplish this is to create an external coral – a physical reminder of what you need to do. Corralling makes it easy to actually see your limit.

If you want to eat a half-cup portion of food, put it in a half cup bowl. Bowls are corrals. They act as an external boundary to let you know exactly how much you can eat. Ultimately, you reduce the amount you take in when your portion is limited to the bowl size.

Your stomach can vary in size depending on the volume you put in it. A large stomach can hold large amounts of food making you want to eat more and more to feel full. Corralling is a restriction method that makes an external boundary where an internal boundary doesn’t exist.


Go find a bowl. Find a cute bowl that you will enjoy looking at and that feels substantial. Then eat from your “hot little dish”. When you want to go for another serving, don’t. Stick to your coral.

If you do plan to splurge and go beyond that half-cup, then give yourself a 24-hour advance notice. You can go beyond the bowl when it’s not a compulsive action done in the moment. Whatever your plan is at that specific time, stick with that plan. Don’t let your sugar cravings guide you.

Quitting sugar gets harder before it gets easier. A sugar detox takes you out of your comfort zone. With the support of Sugar-Zen, take control and be strong. Learn how to beat your sugar addiction with the guidance of our R.E.S.P.E.C.T. program. You can do it.

My Sugar-Zen Story



What is your relationship with sugar? Have you tried quitting sugar before, but with little success? Is a sugar addiction controlling your life? Sugar takes a toll on your body in countless ways. From your physical and mental well-being to your self-esteem and personal development, sugar alters how you feel and act.

When stuck in a sugar addiction, it probably doesn’t feel like you have many choices. Your sugar cravings have you mindlessly eating a bag of candy. You are irritable and tired if you don’t eat an afternoon candy bar (or two). You simply don’t feel in control. But in all reality, you do have options. The Sugar-Zen program helps you gain control.


As many of you already know, excessive sugar intake has a significant impact on your mind and body. The Sugar-Zen program is based on the latest behavioral, psychological, and neurological research since all these aspects of your life are affected when eating sugar.

The program follows the acronym R.E.S.P.E.C.T. It teaches you how to track and observe your behaviors to identify how you react to sugar. Once you recognize how certain triggers make you feel, you discover you have the opportunity to choose your response. This program foundation guides you through your sugar detox journey.

The goal of the program is to permanently change your relationship with food and sugar. It teaches you how to develop habits that will stick long-term, not disappear at the next family birthday gathering or work BBQ. Many sugar addicts attempt a sugar detox but feel unsuccessful without the correct lifestyle changes in place.


The Sugar-Zen program is for those who feel they have a dysfunctional or toxic relationship with sugar. It’s for those that don’t like the way they feel around sugar. It’s for those who consider themselves addicted to sugar and have no control.

Sugar-Zen changes lives. Quitting sugar is difficult. Our program gives you support and guidance on your journey to a healthier and happier you. You will be a different person than before starting the program. Beat your sugar addiction. Be strong. Take control today.