The Sweet Balance: 7 Steps to Achieving a No Sugar Diet

Are you a slave to sugar? Do the constant ups and downs of sugar crashes have you feeling exhausted? If you answered yes, it may be time for you to undergo a quitting sugar detox and find a sweet balance in your life. To release yourself from cravings, you need to look at the whole picture. What physical, emotional and chemical changed can you make to release yourself from sugar cravings and find a more natural bliss? Here are 7 suggestions:

Balance Your Diet

The most popular fad diets in the country have people cutting out carbs or fats completely from their diets. While this approach may work for some, others begin to feel deprived and run right back to their old habits. In order to avoid this downward spiral, we say keep your body full with a balanced diet of healthy fats, high quality proteins, complex carbs and fruits and veggies to keep your body functioning at its prime. Not only will this way of eating help you avoid insulin resistance, but it will also change your cravings when you are more satisfied.

The No Sugar Diet

We all know how hard it is to avoid the sweet goodness of sugar. If it wasn’t so irresistible, we wouldn’t be addicted! However, most people find during a quitting sugar detox that even 3-5 days of avoiding the substance will make a difference as it eliminates the cycle of energy bursts and crashes. While it may be difficult, a few days away from sugar can help your body normalize its receptors and neurotransmitters so it is no longer sending constant messages from the brain that it needs more sugar. Sugar-Zen’s all natural appetite suppressant and program can help you through this phase.

Take Your Vitamins

While it sounds like advice you would get from your mother, the fact is that a high quality multivitamin-mineral complex complete with omega-3s can help calm your sugar cravings by influencing your serotonin production, regulating your mood, and decreasing the amount of inflammation in the body.

The Baked Potato Theory

Dr. Kathleen DesMaisons book, Potatoes no Prozac, theorizes that eating a baked potato three hours after your evening meal stimulates the release of insulin and allows for tryptophan to cross the brain. Potatoes are also full of potassium, which helps insulin to work in the body. She stipulates eating the potato without any protein sources, and consuming the skin to reduce cravings and prevent mood swings.

Pack Your Protein

Increasing your protein intake will help balance your insulin surges and keep you fuller for longer. By approaching your quitting sugar detox in this manner, you will experience less energy-crash cycles.

Don’t Turn to Sweets as a Reward

Though grabbing dessert after a meal may be normal for you, take notice of the times you crave sugar most and break the pattern by grabbing something else as a reward. Whether you try the baked potato theory, take ten minutes to yourself to read a good book, or even go for a run, these rewards will be more beneficial to your health in the long run.

Take Time for You

Many studies have been published on the advantages of taking time from the day-to-day work at the office or at home and focusing on YOU. Take a step back and rediscover things that make you happy and take the time to do them. By enhancing the sweetness in your life, you will be less likely to turn to sugary treats to fill those voids, and will be one step close to a nu sugar diet.



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