When Do You Notice a Trigger in Your Sugar Addiction— What To Do?



Do you know what sparks your sugar cravings? When you get that impulse to eat the whole bag of candy, can you identify when and what triggered that urge? Beginning a sugar-free diet is not a simple task. One key component of taking control over your sugar addiction is being aware of the emotions you experience.


We react to the world around us. Those reactions are positive or negative depending on what stimulated us in the first place. Sometimes we even feel our responses are out of our control. After all, most of us have yelled out at one point, “You made me mad!”

There is a gap of time between what stimulates you and your response. That gap is the time when you can choose how you react. When you open that gap and begin to explore the freedom you have to choose your response, you are empowered. This also helps you identify what triggers certain emotions within you.

As you try to make sugar-free diet choices, do you know what creates that overbearing compulsion to eat five candy bars in one sitting? Do the words “no-sugar diet” make you panic and stress? As you explore that gap – the space of time when you make a choice – you discover what your body is feeling in that moment. This is when you start being accountable, take control, and then manipulate the outcome of events. You choose your reaction.


Realizing what triggers you to act a particular way is the first step to being accountable. You will be in control once you recognize and then utilize that gap of freedom. A no-sugar diet is possible when you determine how sugar makes you feel. The Sugar-Zen program gives you the tools you need to be in charge of your diet decisions. With the support of Sugar-Zen, you can beat your sugar addiction.

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