Why Do You Eat Sugar?


Sugar impacts every part of your body – literally every aspect of your well being. Sugar controls even the strongest of people. If you want to improve your overall health, taking a look at your relationship with sugar is a good place to start.


First, why do we eat sugar? The list is endless. It tastes yummy and satisfies that sweet tooth. You are bored, stressed, overwhelmed, or simply having a bad day. Sugar brings a sense of comfort and security amidst the chaos of life. Sweets are conveniently placed throughout every grocery store and highlighted in every restaurant menu. The ease and accessibility of sugar are too much to withstand.

Sugar bombards our life. It affects our emotions, physical health, self-esteem, and personal development. Learning how to stop sugar cravings is easy. Actually implementing the behaviors needed to change your relationship with sugar is the difficult part. You must become aware of your sugar cravings and recognize how you respond to them.

Consuming daily sugar might be how you get through each day. But it doesn’t have to be. If you see sugar as a toxic, dysfunctional component of your life, it’s time for a change. It’s time to break free and take a stand against your sugar addiction.


Do you feel you are a sugar addict? When deciding to cut out sweets and begin a sugar-free diet, understanding how sugar works within you is a key component to success. You need to know exactly how to combat your enemy.

The Sugar-Zen program helps you make changes that will stick long-term. The program teaches you how to stop sugar cravings while working up to a sugar-free diet. Choosing to start the program is your first step to freedom.

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